My Super Satanic Doctrine

I think that either none of the people in the Bible were real people but symbols of people and that it’s books (even the New Testament or were all written before the 1st 1000 years of the world ended or that they were symbolic but not written out of inspiration by ‘God’ but out of people’s beliefs that they were inspired. Because Jesus, Mary, none of those people even existed. They were symbolic of the 1000 year reign of Christ which began when the world was created. I think (I haven’t completely figured it out) that Jesus was a symbol of the end of the reign of peace because (I’m not positive) he was the first of the symbols that had no children. But if that’s true (and I have a lot of evidence) the first people who lived on the Earth didn’t really live to 1000 or so but to 120 or so. And when Jacob blessed his 12 sons it represented a particular order that the 12 symbols would reign. So Jesus dying on the cross represented the last ‘son of god’. “The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.” So the scepter from the Old Testament was given to a prostitute by Judah and his line was continued, but with his death (which symbolized the sons of God’s end, and had actually happened 1000 years after creation), now however many of the sons of God were entombed across the Earth cannot be resurrected until basically all physical matter (I think the solar systems’ suns will suck their planets and moons in creating huge masses of molten fire, possibly one for each person that ever lived and come crashing toward Earth.) is in chaos. But before they arrive I think the Earth will have to be struck apart by lightning (because the sons of God are probably entombed in molten lava) because we are only flesh and only God is Spirit, and each person’s bodies or dust (actually the sons of God may just be broken away) and we might just be bombarded into fire (lava) balls that hail into a lake of fire for all eternity. Because those that are resurrected into new bodies will probably have to be composed of exactly the same matter after being purified by fire except improved with a body of precious stones or something like that. But I think the people that wrote the NT may have figured out the Bible was symbolic or else it would have to have been written entirely by someone before the 1000 year reign ended because after that there were none. The rib taken from Adam probably represented (there are 12 sets of ribs in the human body, but 7 which are called true ribs) because one race represented the race chosen to be the sons of God. When the world was created I believe a man and woman pair had their own language and land or ‘country’ as we call them. And that’s why 1/3 of the Earth will be killed and then another portion and then another because lightning will probably be chopping the portion that has the chosen. And I don’t even know how many there were that will be resurrected to life but I know that a snake has between 200-400 ribs and the snake represents all the people’s that weren’t sons of God. And the author of Genesis may have thought the rib was going to the woman but it would have really represented the sons of God and that would mean there were 7 races to begin (and the entire race may not have been needed to fulfill all God’s chosen).